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For a less cluttered Thunderbird

24. December 2015 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Rambling.

I really like Thunderbird, but one of the things that always bothered me is that as soon as you use more than one e-mail address, it becomes terribly cluttered.¬†Every e-mail address gets an inbox, a trash, a drafts folder – it’s just not pretty! Then there are the Local Folders, which are somehow different, there’s • Read More »

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18. August 2015 | By vannade | Comments Off on | Filed in: Deutsch, English, Gerede, Rambling.

Meine neue Webeite ist nun endlich fertig, nachdem ich versehentlich beim letzten Mal, als alles fertig war, versehentlich alles wieder gel√∂scht habe. Jetzt wohnt die Seite bei statt bei Strato – ihr erster Umzug seit 16 Jahren. Eigentlich wollte ich eine Seite machen, in die mein Blog integriert war, aber letzendlich war es einfacher, • Read More »

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First day of cats

6. June 2015 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: Cats, Rambling.

We picked the kittens up from their owner, a co-worker who ended up with five kittens because he hadn’t had his cat spayed. His cat had had two tortoiseshell kittens, an orange one and two black ones. We were kind of hoping to get two different cats to tell them apart better, but as we • Read More »

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Cat preparations

5. June 2015 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: Cats, English, Rambling.

I’ve never been much of a cat person – or so I thought, until we had the two cats of a co-worker over last year. They were very cute and easy to be around. They didn’t destroy anything, used their cat litter properly, and provided a lot of cuddles and warmth. Ever since then, I’ve • Read More »

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Video games played in 2014

31. December 2014 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Rambling.

Since the number of books I’ve read in 2014 is so low, I figure I should list the video games I’ve played, just so I can have a higher number to show! This is my blog, so I’m allowed. Gone Home I bought this in October 2013, but my notes say I played it in • Read More »

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IKEA Hackers

7. July 2013 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Linkage, Rambling.

I found this cool post on IKEA Hackers that I’d like to re-post here for the record. I think it’s quite ingenious what people come up with out of necessity, either because they don’t have a lot of money or because they simply can’t find the furniture they really want. This simple desk requires two • Read More »

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Japanese classes #2

9. May 2013 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Rambling.

I had another Japanese lesson this week and found out that Japanese people have the same word for leg and foot (ashi). They also mix the colors green and blue. A lot of Asian children are also born with a Mongolian Spot, which I had never heard of before. We also learned more hiragana and • Read More »

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