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Subject: Movies I've watched

This is an incomplete list of movies I've watched. Sometimes I forget to add movies, you see.

(re) - I've seen the movie before and re-watched it.
(bad) - I did not enjoy this movie.
(ok) - Nothing special, was okay.
(good) - A decent movie.
(very good) - A movie I'd recommend.

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Title: Links: Rating:
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [IMDB] ok
Captain Blood [IMDB] ok
Monsters (re) [IMDB] ok

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Title: Links: Rating:
Mamma Mia! [IMDB] ok
This Film Is Not Yet Rated [IMDB] good
Brave [IMDB] good
Gravity [IMDB] good
Microcosmos [IMDB] good
Jane Eyre (mini-series) [IMDB good
Out Late [IMDB] ok
Gavin & Stacey (Season 1) [IMDB] good
The Intouchables [IMDB] very good
Paranorman [IMDB] ok
Red Without Blue [IMDB] ok
Muriel's Wedding (re) [IMDB] good
My Fair Lady [IMDB] very good
Pacific Rim [IMDB] ok
Ghost In The Shell [IMDB] ok
The West Wing [IMDB] very good
Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis [IMDB] good
Winter's Bone [IMDB] good
Shall We Dansu [IMDB] good
The Closer (Season 1-7) [IMDB] very good
Atlantis [IMDB] good

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Title: Links: Rating:
The Iron Lady [IMDB] good
Der Hobbit [IMDB] ok
The Last Airbender (Season 1) [IMDB] ok
Gilmore Girls (Season 1-3) (re) [IMDB] very good
The Last Summer Of La Boyita [IMDB] good
BBC Wild Down Under [IMDB] good
The Guild (Season 1-5) [IMDB] very good
BBC Japan Tsunami / good
Weird Nature [IMDB] very good
Game of Thrones (Season 2) [IMDB] very good
Game Change [IMDB] good
Planet Earth [IMDB] sehr gut
Love My Life [IMDB] good
Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows [IMDB] ok
The Artist [IMDB] good
The Help [IMDB] ok
Tell No One [IMDB] good
Road to Perdition [IMDB] good
Home [IMDB] good
Jackie Brown (re) [IMDB] very good
Arrested Development (Season 1-3) [IMDB] very good
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (re) [IMDB] very good

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Title: Links: Rating:
Queer As Folk UK (Season 1-2) [IMDB] good
Inception [IMDB] good
Sherlock Holmes BBC [IMDB] good
Game of Thrones (Season 1) [IMDB] very good
Spaced (Season 1-2) [IMDB] good
Death Of A President [Wikipedia] ok
The Meerkats [IMDB] very good
Game of Thrones (Season 1) [IMDB] very good
Taken [IMDB] ok
The Lovely Bones [IMDB] ok
The Closer (Season 3-4) [IMDB] very good
Inception [IMDB] good
Donnie Darko Director's Cut (re) [IMDB] very good
Der Schuh des Manitu [IMDB] bad
Elizabeth: Golden Age [IMDB] bad
Fingersmith [IMDB] good
Thor (3D) [IMDB] ok
The Guild (Season 3) [IMDB] very good
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog [IMDB] good
Platillos Volantes [IMDB] ok
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [IMDB] very good
The Ghost Writer [IMDB] good
Milk [IMDB] very good
Veronica Mars (Season 2-3) [IMDB] very good
S1m0ne [IMDB] ok
Monsters [IMDB] ok
Saving Face [IMDB] very good
Edgeplay [IMDB] ok
The King's Speech [IMDB] very good
The Green Hornet [IMDB] bad
The Good Night [IMDB] bad
The Manchurian Candidate [IMDB] bad
Kick-Ass [IMDB] ok
Star Trek [IMDB] very good
The Guild (Season 1) [IMDB] very good
Dark Passage [IMDB] good
The American [IMDB] ok
The Black Swan [IMDB] bad
Chloe [IMDB] ok
The Kids Are All Right [IMDB] - [Visualthesaurus] (about the spelling of the title) good
The Runaways [IMDB] good
The Social Network [IMDB] good

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Title: Links: Rating:
Lip Service (Season 1) [IMDB] good
Beauty and the Beast [IMDB] ok
Going The Distance [IMDB] bad
Killers [IMDB] bad
Eat Pray Love [IMDB] ok
Show of Hands [IMDB] ok
No Reservations [IMDB] ok
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead [IMDB] ok
Get Smart (re) [IMDB] very good
Sydney White [IMDB] bad
Children Of A Lesser God [IMDB] good
NCIS (Season 1) [IMDB] ok
V For Vendetta (re) [IMDB] ok
The Day After Tomorrow (re) [IMDB] bad
Old Dogs [IMDB] bad
Sunshine Cleaning (re) [IMDB] very good
Tootsie (re) [IMDB] good
A Mighty Heart [IMDB] good
Charade [IMDB] very good
Speechless [IMDB] good
Once [IMDB] good
Pathology [IMDB] bad
Surrogates [IMDB] ok
Veronica Mars (Season 1) [IMDB] very good
Total Recall [IMDB] good
Green Zone [IMDB] ok
24 (Season 1) [IMDB] bad
Up In The Air [IMDB] ok
Post Grad [IMDB] bad
All About Steve [IMDB] bad
Fame [IMDB] bad

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Title: Links: Rating:
Whip It [IMDB] very good
The Day After Tomorrow [IMDB] bad
In The Valley Of Elah [IMDB] good
Muriel's Wedding [IMDB] good
Far Cry [IMDB] bad
The Station Agent [IMDB] very good
Smart People [IMDB] ok
The Nines [IMDB] ok
The Royal Tenenbaums [IMDB] bad
To Kill A Mockingbird [IMDB] good
Swimming Pool [IMDB] ok
Sunshine Cleaning [IMDB] very good
LA Confidential [IMDB] ok
Avatar (3D) [IMDB] good
Girlfight [IMDB] ok
Recount [IMDB] good
The China Syndrome [IMDB] good
The Usual Suspects [IMDB] good
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan [IMDB] bad
Julie & Julia [IMDB] good
Standing Still [IMDB] bad
Just One Of The Guys [IMDB] good
(500) Days Of Summer [IMDB] very good
Sense and Sensibility [IMDB] good
Wag The Dog [IMDB] good
The Holiday [IMDB] ok
Nine To Five [IMDB] good
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou [IMDB] ok
Gran Torino [IMDB] ok
Up (3D) [IMDB] ok
Feast Of Love [IMDB] ok
Save The Last Dance [IMDB] ok
The Andromeda Strain [IMDB] bad
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan [IMDB] bad
Web Therapy (Season 1) [IMDB] good
Yes Man [IMDB] ok
United States of Tara (Season 1) [IMDB] very good
Historias Mínimas [IMDB] good
The Ugly Truth [IMDB] bad
Battlestar Galactica [IMDB] very good

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I have no idea when I watched these movies, but they were good, so I want to mention them.

Title: Links: Rating:
Fried Green Tomatoes [IMDB] very good
Jennifer's Body [IMDB] very good
Finding Nemo [IMDB] very good
Dead Like Me [IMDB] very good

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