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  1. I shared it with my coworker Jorge. He liked this one very much and the others on the page you mentioned (specially the one with the big bird). He is very fond of visual tricks and has also some of his own. He is fond of stereograms too and tried to teach me how to see them (without success).

  2. Oh, I really like stereograms. More than those you can’t recognize if you don’t look at them the right way, I like those that look like two regular photos. Then, if you look at them the right way, they become three dimensional. They’re also easy to make: just take two pictures of the same object, focussing on the same point, but take a step aside between the first and the second picture. I actually wrote about this on my website: http://www.vanna.de/photo.html

    There’s a whole section in the fotocommunity about this, which is conveniently separated into “Kreuzblick-Stereos” and “Parallelblick-Stereos”. I find it much easier to look at Kreuzblick-Stereos.

    Here’s another tutorial about how to watch stereoscopic images, but I’ve tried teaching my mother/sister/brother this a lot and it never worked, so….

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