Video Saturday #09 – TED

Oh, look! This week’s Video Saturday is on a Monday! Who would’ve thunk it? I think that tells you I had a good weekend, haha!

Anyway, today’s topic is It’s this event where a lot of special people get together and talk about fancy stuff. Let’s start off with something really fancy.

This is Jeff Han demonstrating his fancy multi-touch
compuer interface. I want one of those. Reminds me of the ReacTable.
There’s actually a bar which has something like that. Fancy but useless…

Speaking of music (uhm, the ReacTable is a musical instrument, kind of, hence the transition), I want one of those, too:

Pamelia Kurstin playing her “Theremin”. Fancy.
She’s quite the chipper girl, too.


This is Tony Robbins. He motivates people, which is a
very swell idea if it works. Who doesn’t need a little motivation? Maybe
I wasn’t that much more motivated after seeing this, but
I liked some of the stuff he had to say, and maybe you will, too.

For something more serious:

This is called Emily Oster: What do we know about the spread of AIDS?
It’s very interesting. You’d wish they’d give people more time so
they don’t have to hurry through their presentations that quickly, but
quick or not, this is pretty interesting.

If you’re interested in even more videos like that, check out the TEDtalks channel on YouTube, or go to the site. That’s it for today, enjoy, comment and suggest away!

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