Video Saturday #15 – Cleaning

Once again Video Saturday is on a Sunday. This time because I started tidying/cleaning yesterday and it took me a while. Cleaning can be so gratifying that I decided to make cleaning the topic for this week. Maybe it’ll inspire you to tackle your messy room and make it all nice and tidy.

Stop Motion Room Cleaning
A room that cleans itself.

Cleaning Stop Motion
And another one.

Three Days of Cleaning in 103 Seconds
Three days of cleaning in 103 seconds.

Messy Room Clean Up 101
And a different take on the whole thing. Original.

So, do you feel like cleaning now? Comments, anyone?

2 Replies to “Video Saturday #15 – Cleaning”

  1. Sehr schöne, inspirierende Videos. Und wann das Video von deinem eigenen Zimmer? :-) Ich bin ganz gespannt!

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