Video Saturday #16 – The Daily Photo

It’s Video Saturday and today we’ll look at some videos of people that took a picture of them every day for years. I should do that. But I’m lazy. It seems to be more men than women doing it, but if you dig long enough, you can find almost anything on YouTube.

This is JK’s Daily Photo Project and I like it because he goes from a
nerdy-looking guy to a handsome looking guy to a hobo. It’s funny
how you can see his hair grow and stuff. There’s also a
6 minute version of this.

This is called “9 months of gestation in 20 seconds.

Michael takes a photo of himself every day for a year.

This guy supposedly took a picture of himself every day
for 17 years. He does get bald eventually, so maybe it’s
real. Wow.

And here’s artist Ahree Lee taking a picture of herself for
three years. This is only the first minute, but you can
watch the whole three minute film at AtomFilms.

This is called “Seven Months of my life” and it’s notable because
this guy was actually a little creative so you don’t JUST see
hair growing and stuff.

This is called “Amanda takes a photo of herself everyday for
1 year” and she’s shown here between the ages of 14 and 15.
It’s really good already, but if she keeps this up, that’ll be one
amazing video by the time she’s, say, 18 or so.

Last but not least we have this little video called “Beard Growth”,
which is actually quite neat once you sit through the boring
40-second intro.

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s videos. Leave a comment and have a nice day!

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