Books I’ve Read

I would like to point out to you that I now have this ingenious site with all the books I’ve read. Actually, that’s not quite true. I’ve read a lot more books in my life, but the pictures on this site are of all the books that I had a) already read and b) with me at home when I made this site. So it doesn’t include any library books or any books that I borrowed (well, except for two that I used a screenshot for) or any of the books that I gave away afterwards.

From now on I want to add a picture of every book I’m reading (and preferrably mark when I read finished reading them), and if I give them away afterwards or only borrowed them to begin with, I will mark them with a yellow border. Let’s see how long I will stay enthusiastic about this project. ;)

So the link of the site is above, right below the red banner, or if you’re too lazy to scroll up, just click on this link to the list of books I’ve read. Comments?

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