Rambling: At least my drier is quiet

Yes, I know I don’t write enough and another Saturday passed without a Video Saturday and so forth. But as I said, I moved, and somehow even now that I settled in somewhat, I still don’t get anything done. Gah, I should just start the Uberman Sleep Schedule and be done with three hours of sleep a day! Then again, nobody knows what the long-term effects are, and besides, I don’t think I could just leave work for 20 minutes to sleep whenever I get tired.

I should probably rather improve my sleep quality and I’d feel a bit more energetic and awake. Somehow, this apartment is much louder than any other apartment I’ve ever lived in, and if I’m not awakened by the constant trains and the traffic, some morons wake me up by making a racket at 3:30am at the gas station across the street.

I actually bought ear plugs a while ago, and I put them in before I went to sleep and it was so nice and quiet. Then I woke up from some noise at 5am, some yelling I think, and I went out onto the balcony (which is about 6 steps from my bed..) to see what it was, and only then I noticed that my ear plugs were gone! So I shook my pillow to find them again, but they weren’t there. Then I shook my blanket, but nothing. I popped my head under my bed, and again, nothing. Eventually I switched on the light because it was a mystery to me how they could just disappear. And what did I find? They were UNDER my alarm clock. Yes, it’s true. And I have no idea how they got there. Gee, I just hope I don’t sleepwalk, because it seems awfully easy to accidentally fall off the low balcony rail…

In other news, since I have little space in my apartment and I don’t want to waste it on a wardrobe, I recently bought two plastic boxes to store my clothes in. They were 3.99 EUR a piece and I think they present a very good alternative. I just need to find something to stick to the bottom so they don’t scratch the laminate when I pull them out from under my bed.

Also, I invested 6.99 EUR yesterday in an environmentally friendly drier. By which I mean, it doesn’t need electricity to run. And I can fold it up neatly when everything’s dried and folded and put back into the plastic boxes.

I can tell you’re fascinated. Comment.

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  1. I have one of those driers, but I have to tell you that, unless your apartment has a sunny and aired room, you will still need some energy to dry up your clothes, unless it’s just socks and underwear :) When drying, the water that leaves the clothes must go somewhere — first to air, until it becomes saturated, and then damping everything in the room, starting probably with paper like books, photographs, record covers, and after it to everything else. I’ve seen it happening in my house. In winter, my strategy is to place a dehumidifier in the same room as the drier, but there you go: you must use some energy!

    (BTW, we also use those plastic boxes with wheels to store clothes)

  2. Hmm, makes sense António, I hadn’t thought of that. Luckily my room gets pretty sunny in the afternoon/evening and I can open the balcony door to let it air. (Or put the clothes out on the balcony to begin with!) It only becomes problematic when the wind turns and the smell of the sewage treatment plants blows in my direction! :)

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