Rambling: Rich and famous

Consider this for a moment. If I had started working at age 20 (which I didn’t), made $3000 a month (which I don’t) and worked until I was 65 (which has yet to be seen), I would throughout the course of my life, earn $1.620.000 (which is about 1.185.354 Euro). Of course, even if I did this, I’d still have to pay rent and spend money on groceries and clothes and, say, toilet paper. So, as a rough estimate, let’s just say that over the course of my working life, I could maybe make $1 million.

Now consider this: Charlize Theron was paid $20 million for wearing a certain watch for a little over a year. So by wearing only watched by a certain brand, Charlize (who I like and have a lot of respect for) could’ve made – in only 14 months – 20 times as much as you make in your whole life. And she didn’t even do it, or at least she’s being sued for the money back because she wore a Dior watch one day. $20 million for wearing a watch! There’s not even work involved!

In other news, Johny Depp received $59.2 million to reprise his role in part four of “Pirates Of The Caribbean”. What a sum, 59.2 millon. They probably said, “Hey, we want you to play in that movie, will you do it for $59 million?” and he said, “$59 million? Cheapskates. How about $60 million?” – “How about $59.2 million?” – “Well, alright.”

$59,200,000 <– just so you know how much that is
-$               1 <– price for about 4 packs of Ramen noodles
$59,199,999 <– “okay, okay, I’ll sign up for part 5, too.”

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