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Since I have a day off today (which is fading away way too quickly) I decided to browse through some of my bookmarks and I came across an interesting review of a Sarah Bettens concert.

You should know, of course, that Sarah Bettens (who I’ve written about before) used to play in the Band K’s Choice with her brother Gert Bettens, which was swell for as long as it lasted. I just recently had a long lost friend call me and he was playing Almost Happy in the background and telling me how it always reminds him of me. Flattering. It is a great album.

Anyway, after K’s Choice split, their music started getting dull. Somehow Sarah’s lyrics became pretty boring and the music didn’t do much for me anymore, with a few exceptions.

Woodface on the other hand (Gert’s solo project) brought out an album I still haven’t heard entirely, mostly for this reason:

Woodface CD for 56,99 EUR

Maybe it’s good, but I refuse to pay 56,99 EUR for a CD. WHY is it so expensive?

As for the review mentioned above, it quotes the following setlist:

* I heard it through the grapevine [Marvin Gaye]
* Ev’rytime we say goodbye [Ella Fitzgerald]
* I can do better than you [Sarah Bettens]
* Just the two of us [Bill Withers]
* Three times a lady [The Commodores]
* Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing [Stevie Wonder]
* Do that to me one more time [Captain & Tennille]
* Sitting on the dock of the bay [Otis Redding]
* Cry me a river [Julie London]
* Ne me quitte pas [Jacques Brel]
* Money, money, money [ABBA]
* Win me over [Sarah Bettens]
* Little red corvette [Prince]
* At seventeen [Janis Ian]
* Shine [Sarah Bettens]
* I will carry you [Woodface]
* A long December [Counting Crows]
* Slow you down [Sarah Bettens]
* I can’t make you love me [Bonnie Raitt]

I would absolutely love to get a bootleg of this show. Sarah Bettens doing the Counting Crows, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye and Bonnie Raitt? Sadly, a click on Sarah Bettens’ store only has tour CD with all her music on it, none of the covers. I’d spend the $20 for the CD if it had the covers, but for some live versions of her solo stuff? Not so much.

Anyway, I still hope they will reunite again soon and complement each other like they used to. Sometimes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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  1. K’s Choice is getting back together in 2009 and a new album will be released in 2010 if everything goes as planned! Then it may (or may not) be as in the good old days: travelling around Europe meeting weirdos and all :D

    As for the covers, you can listen and even watch [and record. wait, this may not be authorized. I didn’t write anything about this!] Sarah’s concert at AB, Brussels here :
    – Part 1 :
    – Part 2 :

    You can get both Woodface albums here : I’m not sure about shipping costs to Germany, but it’s worth a try. Won’t get worse than 56.99 ;)

  2. Oh wow, that’s a great tip! Thanks Mel! And “Good Morning Hope” for 7 EUR? Wow, nothing’s going to stop me now. (Unless they charge 30 bucks for shipping, hehe.) And I didn’t even know that they were finally going to reunite. That is also something to look forward to. Maybe the world is changing for the better, after all. ;)

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