Shoe shopping

I got me a nice pair of shoes on April 3rd, 2008. That’s pretty much exactly a year ago. I wore them until it got cold enough for winter shoes. What can happen in one year? This happened:

Shoes falling apart
They are falling apart on the inside. Uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s not the wisest idea to buy a pair of shoes for 20 EUR?

So as I was forced to go shoe shopping again (which is NOT an activity I like very much), I decided to try to look for something of higher quality. After much looking and hesitation, I decided on these shoes:

Esprit shoes
Esprit shoes. Click for a larger image.

They were 49,95 EUR. I wonder if they’ll last any longer…

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  1. I bought my shoes in March. 2009. And they are already broken :-(
    And even worse: they don’t have my size of shoes here in Japan.

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