You’re a Squirrelizer, oh, Squirrelizer

While my photoblog is leading a very neglected, poor existence and it’s a shocker even to me that the Blog Protection Services didn’t place it on a foster home page yet, I do want to share with you here and now a photo I came across today. CNN says it’s already famous on the Interwebz, but you know, I like to bring you the news when they have matured like a good ol’ moldy cheese (eww), or say, red wine or, say, me. At any rate, here is the fantabulous photograph of an attention seeking squirrel. Click the link to read the whole story on the CNN website.

Web goes nuts for ‘Crasher Squirrel’ [CNN]

And if you think your photos could need a little more squirrel, do check out The Squirrelizer.

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