Can I Keep This Pen?

It’s a  little  known fact that I am very fond of office supplies. I like all sorts of pens, but more than that I like blank notebooks to write stuff in. Then, however, I get very picky about what to write in them (unless it’s my diary) and I think they’re almost to cool to be used. Yes, I have issues.

Anyway, as I was browsing earlier today, I came across an interesting (to me, anyway) article called Lifehacker Readers’ Favorite Pens. They sure have some nice pens out there! I especially like the designs that seem small enough to fit in your pocket, like the Zebra F-301 compact, that I haven’t been able to locate in any German stores:

[Zebra F-301]
Zebra F-301

The Fisher Space Pen Bullet also seems cool, if not particularly cheap:

Fisher Space Pen Bullet

After some more googling I came across even more pens, like the Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Ballpoint Pen:

Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Ballpoint Pen - Black Body - Blue Ink
Zebra Penpod Mini Keychain Ballpoint Pen (I know, the name is longer than the pen!)

And as any pen lover (I suppose there are some?) will know, it wasn’t long anymore until I discovered the amazing, the incredible, the one and only… Lamy Pico Pocket Size Extendable Ballpoint Pen:

Lamy Pico
Lamy Pico Pocket Size Extendable Ballpoint Pen

My inquiring mind wouldn’t rest until I had checked out how they work on YouTube:

Lamy Pico

(This, as you can imagine, lead me to some pen spinning videos, but I’ll spare you.)

At any rate, the Lamy Pico is 22,90 EUR on German Amazon and 32.95 USD on and around 30 GBP on, and of course the only reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to go out, buy one and then send it to me. Because me, I’m far too stingy to spend all that money on a pen. Besides, I already have a fancy Waterman ballpoint pen that is so exclusive that it came in its own little coffin!

And now if you please excuse me, I still have a lot of work to do

PS: You get 10 points if you know what the title of this post refers to.

2 Replies to “Can I Keep This Pen?”

  1. Let’s state it: i love pens, too. Also: Zebra rulez. A blue Zebra Expandz is the pen i surprised myself with in the beginning of this month. You can find it here:

    It’s very neat since i walk around all day at work with a pen in my pocket coz i need it all the time and this pen ideal for that.

    PS: Of course the title is the name of Northern Star..uhm, Northern State’s latest album!

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