Sainthood (by Tegan & Sara) – Backstory

Maybe it hasn’t escaped your attention that I’m quite fond of Tegan & Sara, so it should come as no surprise that I pre-ordered their most recent album, Sainthood, on the first day that pre-order was possible in September. I mainly pre-ordered it through Maple Music because they sold a special Limited Edition that comes with three books. They also sold a Deluxe Limited Edition that came with an ink blot, hand-made and signed by the artists, but I’m happy to say I’m past the age where I’d spend that extra money. As a marketing strategy, it’s certainly a fun idea, though.

Tegan and Sara
Tegan (left) and Sara, looking for my first Sainthood order. Tegan is obviously a lot more involved in the search. Sara wants to go home.

Well, after that, my Sainthood experience didn’t start off that well. I decided not to listen to the album on their MySpace page and no t to watch the video to their first single, Hell, either, because I think there’s something special about waiting for the actual album and listening to it in one go from beginning to end. So I waited. And I waited. But when the album was finally released on October 27th, my order didn’t arrive. My friend’s order arrived within two days, but mine just didn’t show. Eventually, I contacted Maple Music and they were kind enough to send out another bundle. That was on a Friday, and the parcel promptly arrived the following Monday.

However, I got charged more than 20 EUR in taxes for it, plus an additional 10 EUR that Purolator wanted for taking the parcel to customs in the first place, which still strikes me as an unfair rip-off. But what can you do. So now I have the CD & 3 books and ended up paying 104,- EUR for them, which means about 155 USD or 162 CAD. Now I’m almost as poor as a church mouse, but at least I have some good music and reading material. For an exhaustive review of both, watch this space. (You know you want to.)

By the way, what are YOU waiting for? Sainthood currently sells for $9,99 at! BARGAIN!

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