Holidays and Organizing

Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve last written. The holidays are over, for now, and I have spent them the best possible way: at home with my family, eating good food and plenty of cookies. Also, I did some serious core gaming and finally finished Oblivion. I’m sure you’re all very proud of me.

Barcode scanning with the webcam

Other than that, I have dedicated several hours to organizing via this lovely database software I have found called Mediaman. While it certainly has some design flaws, it lets you scan in your books/DVDs/CDs/games via your webcam. It’s so much fun! The webcam recognizes the barcode and looks for the item on Amazon websites and then imports the data with a picture into a virtual bookshelf. You can also export the list of your stuff into various formats. Right now the only problem I have with it is that it lists my Massive Attack CD as Attack, Massive. As in Amos, Tori. But I might find a fix for this eventually.

Other than that I watched a lot of movies lately that I might review further in the coming days (if I can be bothered). My favorites were Sunshine Cleaning, Jennifer’s Body and Avatar 3D. Jennifer’s Body received some rather bad ratings, but I imagine that might be because it wasn’t marketed correctly. If you expect to find a creepy horror movie like, say, Halloween, you’ll be disappointed. It’s basically Juno with a higher body count. As for Avatar – while I agree that the plot was not very spectacular, somewhat predictable and some exposition scenes were slightly cringe-worthy, I do think the 3D effect was one of the best I’ve seen in a while (and I have watched quite a number of 3D movies already), and more importantly, the world they created for that movie is a real treat. It looks great, it’s got some great concepts and it was a real pleasure becoming immersed in it. That’s what I thought, anyway.

Last but not least I’ll have you know that I’m slowly getting ready to move apartments, which is definitely something I dread. Not because of the uprooting, really, or because I will miss the place I’m leaving (although I certainly might), but because of all the heavy lifting that needs to be done. Moving is a hassle. Maybe in my next apartment, I should limit my stuff to a bed and a computer? This and a mattress is really all I need! (And a water boiler. And a fridge. And… nevermind.)

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