Rambling: The couch is gone

My sofa. 2003.
My sofa in 2003.

Worn brown leather, two seats. This grainy photo was taken when I first got my very first couch. I got it for free, used, from a family that lived about two blocks away from where I lived. They advertised it at my university. They had a two seater couch and a three seater couch just like it, but I liked the two seater couch. I put an ad up that I was paying 25 EUR to whoever could transport it to my flat, and someone called and two people ended up carrying it all the way, up three flights of chairs. Let me just say, they deserved every cent of that money. I gave them something to drink and we small talked before they left. Then I took this grainy photo with my Pencam [source].

I studied on my couch and I watched movies lying on my couch, and I napped on my couch (often times when I was supposed to be studying) and I had people sleep over on the couch (I wonder if that was comfy) and then I moved my couch to my parents’ house, only to move it to Frankfurt later, where I neglected it.

Then, I met another couch. A friend’s big couch that could be turned into a bed, that was comfortable and had a comfortable back rest and I started thinking, hey, maybe I can better myself and get me one of THOSE couches. Because after all, when you do have people sleep over, it’s cooler to just pull on your couch than to a) pump up your air mattress for 40 minutes and get blisters (or you could, as I do, tell your guests to pump them up so they get the blisters!), or b) switch on the electric pump that makes a loud loud noise for 8 minutes (and therefore probably makes all your neighbors hate you).

The couch in its natural habitat.
The couch in its natural habitat.Click for a larger version.

So, now that I moved, I decided to say goodbye to my couch and instead get a new one in 2011, when I’m back from my travels. I had two people interested in my apartment and they said they would like the couch very much, but then both of them decided against the apartment (and therefore, against the couch) and so my sad little couch had an uncertain future. In the end, I decided to say goodbye and I discarded it (oh, the guilt!) and put it out to the curb for the bulk collection.

Now comes the uplifting part of the story. That’s the part where we left to go to Starbucks, and when we came back, past the curb, the sofa was gone. Someone had taken it to give it a new home, and I can only hope it is a good one. A good home for a good couch. Yes, I dumped it after about seven years, but I’m glad it got rescued and I hope it found a nice home where it is appreciated again.

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  1. Dear Couch!

    Thank you for all the comfort. I always enjoyed our times together. I hope you’ll live a happy and long life. Take care!

    Eszti :)

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