Oz: Still in Melbourne

We’re still in Melbourne. We haven’t done much since I last wrote, but we have been on the Eureka Skydeck for about $15. It’s a big skyscraper, the tallest in Melbourne, and on the 88th floor is a 360 degree view of Melbourne from above. It’s pretty nice actually, and I do like the city a lot from above. There’s also a part where you can actually go outside (most of the view is behind windows that go from the floor to the ceiling). You could also pay $15 extra to go out on The Edge, which is basically a glass cube attached to the building that also has a glass floor. But I don’t know why you would spend that much money for a glass floor.

Yesterday, we went on a boat ride along the Yarra River, which was quite nice, and we went to the Queen Victoria Market again to look at all the stuff they sell there. Fruits, vegetables, T-Shirts, belt buckles, kangaroo leather… you name it. They did sell some T-Shirts for $5, some were even nice, but since I have to carry everything I buy, I refrained from buying any more clothes. (I should be more like George Clooney’s character in “Up In The Air”, but I don’t like doing laundry and the places I stay at don’t do your laundry for your..)

We spent the evening at the travel agency, trying to get a trip to Tasmania organzied. We were there for probably an hour and a half because they don’t book flights for people, but they let us use their laptop to book a flight. So they looked for a flight for us with Tiger Airways, if that’s what they’re called, and my sister entered all the info and then her credit card was rejected. Which is already what happened with my credit cards when we wanted to book a Tiger flight in Sydney. So the really nice girl there, Ashley, who was very patient and cheerful, even called the Tiger Airways people to see if the credit card gets accepted that way, and after a long and frustrating talk with some Indian guy who hardly understood us and who was hard to understand, her credit cards were rejected again. So we had to book through Jetstar or whatever their name is. And when that was finally done, we booked a tour in Tasmania. It’s a cheap one, but it’s still kind of expensive if you think about it. It’s $520 for 5 days, I think, but that includes accomodation. There goes my money. They say it’s hard to travel through Tasmania by bus because they are expensive, too, so I hope a tour is the right option. Ashley also booked us a hostel (shortly after closing time) and we also want to book a tour for Sunday to see some cool stuff around Melbourne. I forgot all the details but I will let you know where we went when I’m back. ;)

So yeah, after all of this I believe it’s about time we found work. We are thinking about renting a car to see the Great Ocean Road after our return from Tasmania, and after that we will concentrate on earning money for a bit, rather than spending it. :)

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