Food #006: YOURS Australian Brunch

There’s an Australian restaurant in Frankfurt near Hauptwache that lies slightly hidden in a small shopping passage in the street that has a Starbucks, the stock exchange and also Die Kuh die lacht in it. It’s called Yours Australian Bar and it’s a good restaurant with decent burgers and also specialty items like kangaroo, emu or crocodile steak. It’s not to be confused with YOURS Sports Bar in Bornheim which doesn’t have delicious burgers but mediocre fish and chips.

Yours Australian Bar have brunch every Sunday from 10am to 3pm with a rather huge selection. You can get everything from eggs (hard-boiled or scrambled), tomatoes and mozzarella, sausages, lasagna, meat pie things, artichokes, bacon, croquettes, baked beans to pancakes, yoghurt, cereals, plum crumble, fruit salad, croissants and bread rolls.

Plates with food.
While the picture may be bad, the food was rather good. Especially the bacon.

Brunch is 9,90 EUR per person, so not exactly cheap, especially since you need to get your drinks extra. I suppose it depends on how much you’re able to eat. The service was a bit slow and they didn’t strike me as particularly friendly (or unfriendly, for that matter), but it has to be said that the place was packed and they were probably just very stressed out.

Waffles, egg, a pancake and a fried tomato. Yum.

All in all, I do recommend brunch there for everyone who wants to eat a lot, but those who’d rather have a nice (or possibly unusual) dinner should stop by there some other time and get something from the regular menu when it’s slightly less crowded.

[The Bill]
Not exactly cheap.

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