Music Monday #38: Hesta Prynn – Seven Sisters

On today’s Music Monday I’d like to present a song by Hesta Prynn to you. Hesta Prynn, as you may or may not know, was in Northern State, a hip-hop group from New York consisting of three women. I knew of them for a while and had heard a few songs, but I only got to really like them when they opened for Tegan & Sara when I went to see them in Munich. Not only was their performance amazing, they were also very pleasant when I bought a 5,- EUR promo single of them and had them sign it.

For some reason or other, Northern State broke up, but Hesta Prynn is now doing solo stuff, also working as a DJ. You can read more about that on Hesta Prynn’s website of course, but first listen to a song of hers.

This song is called Seven Sisters and it’s typical of her kind of electronica sound. I find it very catchy and I like quirky voices, so this is right up my alley:

Seven Sisters by Hesta Prynn

Women come and women go
Over and over
She’s collecting everything and you’re just getting older
And I will see you through
Til the sun burns us dry
Til the earth grows inside
Til the ending of time
And I will see you through
Til it’s all undermined
Til my curls all unwind
Til you leave me behind

How many times did you get on that bus?
How many times did you make a hot fuss?
I know, I know, I know

Find more Hesta Prynn music on her SoundCloud page.

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