Food #010: Meat Us [sic!]

A few weeks ago, when the Christmas market was still on and we’d had way too much Glühwein, we couldn’t get home because some child had let its balloon fly right into the cables of the subway, thereby causing a massive disruption to the train service. So we decided to go to Meat Us, which is conveniently located between Hauptwache and Konstablerwache.

Meat Us makes a good first impression and on this Thursday night it was quite packed so we were lucky to get a table. As the name suggests, they mostly offer meat – burgers, steak, chicken wings and roast beef sandwiches – but they also have vegetarian options like a hummus plate with pita bread, corn on the cob, a falafel sandwich, a veggie burger or – for pescetarians – a fish burger.

Meat Us Menu
Meat Us at home. Because I live in a cheeseburger.

I chose the Meat Us At Home, a simple cheeseburger with cheddar. I was going to say for 6.50 EUR it’s not the cheapest burger you can buy in Frankfurt, considering you don’t get chips with it (Americans read: fries), but on second thought, Die Kuh die lacht currently charges you 7.50 EUR for a cheeseburger without chips, or if you want it with chips it’s 8.90 EUR at Eschenheimer Turm, 9.60 EUR at Yours, and Chicago Meatpackers even asks for 9.90 EUR. (Admittedly, patty sizes vary.) So I suppose it’s a competitive price, especially considering it’s usually hard to finish the chips anyway and one nice burger can fill the average person up nicely!

Some assembly required.

Our food was delivered promptly and it turned out to be delicious. The burgers came with a little bowl of coleslaw, the cheese was nice and fragrant and the meat was well done (aren’t burgers always?). I ate it up in no time and was quite satiated and happy.

Another burger. Cheesy.

In closing I can say that the food was good and I’d recommend Meat Us – in fact, I’ll definitely go there again sometime!

PS: Der Kultimbiss might have the cheapest cheeseburger yet at 3.40 EUR, and it’s certainly delicious, too, but it’s in Niederrad and it’s essentially fast food, so it doesn’t count.

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