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Today I found an interesting post called 9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit. I think this counts as one of the very little things we can change in order to do something good for ourselves. It can improve our quality of life and all it takes is for you to go to the tap about once an hour. I strongly recommend you do NOT buy bottled water, as plastic bottles cause a huge amount of waste. There are options such as BIOTA water sold in bottles made from corn which, if recycled, degrades within about 80 days, with the exception of the cap of the bottle. However, it is much better to simply get a water filter because that way you get your water from the tap and you do not produce any waste. I can’t stress this enough. The aforementioned MSNBC article states that in 1997, 3.3 billion water bottles had been sold, while in 2002 that number had already reached 15 billion. If you feel you must buy water in plastic bottles: RECYCLE!

The ‘9 Great Reasons To DrinK Water’ article, in case you’re too lazy to read it yourself, states that drinking a lot of water will help you lose weight, lowers your risk of a heart attack, gives you energy, can cure headaches (if they are caused by dehydration), is good for your skin, etc.

A word of warning is in order, however: don’t overdo it. If you drink about two gallons (7.5 liters) of liquid in two short a time, you could die from water poisoning. (See also: Hold your Wee for a Wii or the sad story about Cynthia Lucero’s Death.)

I believe however, that under normal circumstances you’re not tempted to drink 2 gallons of liquid in a whole day, so get on with it and start your water drinking habit!

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  1. Hallo :-) Ich habe den Artikel gelesen. Viele dieser Vorteile von Wasser kann ich persönlich bestätigen. Und bei mir gibt es auch noch einen guten Grund: wenn ich was vor schlafengehen trinke, egal wie süss es ist, kriegt meiner Mund in laufe der Nacht ein schreckliches Geschmeck. Wenn ich aufwache, ist es ziemlich unangenehm. Ausser mit Wasser. Das ist das einzige, das ich Nachts trinken kann ohne meiner Mund stinkt!

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