Music Monday #12 – Jet Pack

On this Music Monday I would like to introduce you to the very cool Jill Sobule. I suppose her most famous song is I Kissed A Girl, which is on her self-titled album. However, I would like to bring to you a different song you might not know yet. It’s called Jetpack (off of her album Underdog Victorious), and I think it shows some of Jill’s wit and her fun lyrics. I think the only instrument is her guitar, nothing fancy, just supporting her voice.

Her lyrics are often sarcastic, like the song Mary Kay about Mary Kay Letourneau or the Happy Song About Global Warming (see below).

You can find out more about her on her Official Website (which uses entirely too much flash), Jill Sobule’s Myspace Page or the Jill Sobule Wikipedia entry.

Also, don’t hesitate to check her out on YouTube:

A Happy Song About Global Warming

I Kissed A Girl


Jill Sobule – Jetpack

If I had a jetpack the first thing that I would do
Is fly above the gridlock and come to you
I’d peek into the windows on 5th avenue
To see how the other side lives
And if I had a jetpack I would strap it on
I’d get out of this one room and I’d be gone
To where there are real houses and big front yards
If I had a jetpack

I’d take you up with me
at least we’d both be free
Past the statue of liberty
In my jetpack

If I had a jetpack, I’d fly over the bridge
I’d wave to all my friends who thought I’d never rise again
I’d fly over the stadium to watch my team win, watch my team win

And if I had a jetpack, I’d bust into your door
Take you by the hand to the Jersey shore
And underneath the moonlight, you’d want me even more
Cause, I’d have a jetpack

I’d take you up so high
If I dropped you, you would die
But I want you by my side, in my jetpack

I don’t have a jetpack, I don’t even have a car
I just have this token and a head full of stars
I wish you didn’t live up town so far
cause I don’t have a jetpack

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