Video Saturday #19 – Time Lapse

On this Video Saturday I will show you some swell time lapse movies. They’re done by either speeding up normal footage, or by taking photographs in certain intervals and then sticking them together.

A thunderstorm time lapse video. Note how at some point,
the clouds are going in two different directions.

Time Lapse in the Antarctica. Fascinating.
(Click for more videos by Antzarctica.)

The famous Dove Evolution time lapse. Must see!

This one is called A Beautiful Storm Cloud Time Lapse (with a surprise).

And last but not least:

Time Lapse in San Francisco at night. Very pretty.

Enjoy and comment!

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    1. @Mike: I suppose it only took the model about an hour or two of her time, and she probably made more money than I make in a month. ;)

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