Ramblings: How the Pello…?

Yesterday I went to Ikea and bought a very cool chair called Pello that was only 19,- EUR and very comfortable (in the store). So I took it home and I unpacked it and… there was no assembly manual! Okay, so I’m thinking, I’m pretty good at furniture assembling – I assembled a computer desk before and I single-handedly assembled a DVD cupboard thingy with glass doors, even though I wasn’t even strong enough to carry the thing alone. So I thought, this chair only weighs 8,8 kilos and doesn’t even have a lot of parts, I’m sure I can manage…

Now for those of you who’re thinking, “What the Pello is she talking about?” Let me show you a picture:

How hard can it be, right? Well, it is hard and I’m clueless and I can’t find any assembly instructions online. I already wrote to IKEA and I’m hoping they’ll sent them to me ASAP. You see, the thing with the Pello is that you get a big bag with it, like a body bag… and you’re supposed to (I’m sure) put that around the iron frame that’s included. But then, how do you screw the screws in the frame when the “body bag” is wrapped around it? I can’t wrap my head around that… Gaaa!

I already wrote to IKEA saying, “help me! help me!” (more eloquently than that), but they are taking time to answer. *sigh* What is sadder than an unassembled chair, really?

Maybe I should’ve spent 129,- EUR on this beautiful chair instead. It is possibly the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. But I was too stingy to get it. Maybe one day when I’m rich. :)

EDIT: Here are the Pello assembly instructions that IKEA meanwhile sent me. The trick is this: you have to put holes in the plastic chair cover! Who would’ve thought?

EDIT: Here’s an alternative download at megaupload.

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  1. Hey Dave! Sorry about that. Seems the site where I stored it has some connectivity problems… I’ll try to re-upload it elsewhere this evening. I hope I still have the file, even though my HD was wiped out this weekend…
    Anyway, the assembly is really easy. You just stick the frame parts together, pull the plastic chair cover over it (so the “open” side is where your feet will be), and then you feel where the holes in the frame are and poke holes in them with the little screws. Then you screw in the big screws, put the cushions on the whole thing, and, voila, a Pello chair. :)

  2. Hey there!

    I was thinking to buy the Pello too, is it comfterble to spent a few hours wathing TV on it? What do you say?

    tnks ;-)

  3. @Avital: Sorry for the late reply. I think it’s perfectly comfortable to spend hours watching TV in it. I had barely assembled it when my brother tried it and fell asleep in it right away. ;) The only better chair I can think of is the Lunna chair I mentioned, but I think Ikea stopped making it. Also, it’s way more expensive.

    So yeah, I think this is the perfect chair for watching TV in. :)

  4. Yes U do pull the bag over the Iron of the Pello. you also take a screwdriver and poke holes in the bag where the holes are then use the screw to put it together. PELLO CHAIR RESPONSE.

  5. Thanks alot for your assembly manual, Vannade!!! I lost mine and I was not able to assemble that chair again :D

  6. Hei,Vannade,I am lost at at the assemble though i got some picture manual from IKEA. Let me read your manual then, hopefully i can understand it in English as well as in Chinese.

    1. Hello Leilei!
      I have links to the IKEA manual in my post. But if that doesn’t help, just put all the frame parts together, pull the canvas (is it canvas? the thing with the velcro on it) over it, then put the wooden parts together and put the screws in, PUNCTURING the canvas in the progress. Yes, you have to make a hole in it to fit the screws through.

      I hope that helps. I’d send you some photos of my chair, but unfortunately I’m in a different country at the moment ;)

  7. I know this post is over 2 years old, but I can’t seem to find help anywhere else. I am having trouble putting the “bag” over the metal frame. The velcro ends don’t stretch far enough to touch each other. The only way I can get them to touch is to seal it right before the frame ends, but there is an exposed part of the frame, and that just doesn’t seem right. Is this the case? I can send pics if it helps.

    1. Don’t know if you still have that problem, but the solution for that is to use force. If you try hard enough, the velcro should finally touch (make sure you put the metal frame together correctly!) and once the cloth part covers it, it should hold fine. At least mine did. Hope that helps.

  8. Gentlemen: Your “advice”, all those suggestions etc. are of no, zero use. Got my Pello chair today, unpacked, followed instruction and put the metal tube frame together. THEN looked up the instructions for the next step, pulling the bloody canvas ovetr the frame.

    Can’t be done, for several reasons a) there is no opening allowing to pull the canvas sack over the frame b) stitches in the canvas sack separate individual cushion pieces inside the sack.

    I never saw so inadequate instruction for assembly and over the past 30 years I saw dozens upon dozens of Americam, Chinese, etc. “assembly instruction” horrors.


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