Linkage #14: Woot

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At Shirt.Woot you can buy T-shirt very cheaply. They have one design up every day that you can buy for $10 and have shipped for free within the US. Or you can pay an additional $5 and have it shipped directly to one of 45 other countries, including Germany, Hungary, Iceland and Mexico. The shirts are of good quality and maybe I’ll post a picture of my shirt once I did the laundry…

Then there’s the day of reckoning you can read about in their blog, where you can buy older t-shirts for $15 (plus $5 shipping overseas).

9.56 EUR for having a fancy shirt sent directly to your house is not too bad, or is it? AND you can order three shirts (of one type) at a time and only pay $5 for it, so you could save shipping!

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