2 Replies to “Video Saturday #27 – Animation”

  1. Last friday I went to see “Wall-E” with my family and came to a conclusion: Pixar is bringing back good cinema, at the same time it redefines animation. Like they did, in part, in “The Incredibles” and, in full, in “Ratatouille”, it’s not just the state-of-the-art animation — it’s a great imaginative story, with adventure, romance, comic and dramatic scenes. It made me cry and think almost as much as it made me laugh. I’m pretty sure all these films will be cult movies in a decade or two.

    By the way, the short movie that is presented before the main one, in the good old-times cinema tradition, “Presto”, is a crazy thing that brings to memory the best from Warner Bros Looney Tunes. In fact, it reminded me Bugs Bunny in Long Haired Hare (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD34_K1SgIQ) — it even features a rabbit :)

  2. Well, I might have to watch “Wall-E”, too. :) I think “Finding Nemo” is probably the best animated movie ever. I also liked “Monsters Inc.” As for “The Incredibles”, I found it a bit boring and I haven’t seen “Ratatouille”. But it sounds like maybe I should. ;)

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