Linkage #18: Music Blogs

Here’s a list of some cool music blogs for your enjoyment:

B(oot)log – Says the author: This site is dedicated to my experience of live music. I post recordings that I make along with interesting radio and tv sessions and occasionally reviews of albums, songs, or whatever else I like.
Heartache with Hard Work
motel de moka – Very unusual music, which is why I like it.
My Old Kentucky Blog – The MP3 blog that puts some stank in it.
The Late Greats Mission statement: The goal here is to expose you to music not usually found anywhere else in the Blogsphere.
FingertipsThis is the blog version of the Fingertips web site, which is the web’s longest-running guide to high-quality free and legal MP3s. Once a week, this blog will feature the three songs selected as “This Week’s Finds” on the main site. Occasional other updates to the main site will be posted here as well.
Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of How Awesome I Am – This starts playing music when you open it. Tsk.
Leaky Sparrow
Audio Muffin

This Women Coil [French] – Ce blog a pour but de vous faire découvrir la musique d’artistes féminines.
Bag Of Songs
The Sky Was Candy
This is a music blog. The focus is on music that I like, because I’m the boss around here.

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