Rambling: Evil Sinusitis…

I got hit hard (or should I say “punched out”?) by a severe case of Sinusitis, as my doctor tells me, and boy, those sinuses are not kidding around…

It started on Friday when, in the afternoon at work, I felt a slight scratch in my throat. It got a bit annoying but didn’t seem at all serious. Later that night I started feeling really sick, so I went to bed, hoping a good night’s sleep would cure me. Then I spent a great deal of Saturday and Sunday lying down, until I finally went to see Dr. Eva on Monday. Her diagnosis was basically that I had too much mucus in my head to work and should stay home for the week.

So my mom drove 6 hours to pick me up and take me home and try to get me all healthy again, and I got powerful antibiotics that also help against cholera and syphillis. I actually read all the side effects of these antibiotics and was expecting them to seriously frak me up in the most unpleasant of ways, but instead I hardly notice any change. My food tastes funny and there’s likely still too much mucus in my little head. Yay for no side effects, I guess.

I still have enough antibiotics for five days, so whatever the bacteria in my body are up to, I’m sure that stuff will give them a mighty tough time.

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