A blueprint of your destiny

In 1987, when I was about two years away from picking up my first guitar, the German band Rainbirds had their greatest hit with the song Blueprint. The song is truly great, and yet it would take almost 20 years for me to become aware of this greatness. I only ever really listened to the song when a friend of mine had it on a CD or tape or whatever we used to have early in this millennium (heh), and it’s a mystery to me how it escaped me for so long.

here is a blueprint of your past
here is a blueprint of your destiny
that all there is of you
and that’s all there is of me

Who wouldn’t like a blueprint of their destiny? Who wouldn’t like to know what they are supposed to do with their life?
Of course, I just got through reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, just to see what all this was about, and according to her, all you have to do is visualize what it is you want. If you want a million dollars, visualize it and the universe will give it to you. After all, we’re all made of energy and the frequencies we send out will be reflected to us and.. uhm, something about magnets. So according to her, we’re here to get whatever it is we want. I like the message and the whole idea of positive thinking, yet her scientific explanations make me cringe. Also the thought that all the bad stuff in the world – war, famine, floods – are caused by the affected people thinking negative thoughts, well, that just doesn’t go over well with me. Also, if I visualize my beloved pet to come back alive, how should it?

To go back to the song, while the blueprint part is certainly positive, I can’t shake the feeling that the song is about breaking up with someone who doesn’t fulfill your expectations:

I walk ahead alone
you tell me never ever leave me
but i am already gone
i am further than the wall
you have built around your future
you said that i’m higher than the tower
you climb in a suicidal mood

What do you think?
I suppose the other person was just not visualizing well enough.

LINKS: Rainbirds – Blueprint (YouTube)
Rainbirds – Blueprint (Youtube, alternative link)

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  1. I still think that Rainbirds’ Call Me Easy, Say I’m Strong… is one the best albums in my record collection and Sea of Time still gives me goosebumps (it was featured in one of my ‘shows’). Blueprint is a nice song, too.

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