Back from my vacation

Hello, dear blog readers!

It’s August 15th, 2009, and I’ve been back from a very nice vacation in Hungary since Tuesday. I spent 10 days there visiting my “bff”, as the young kids say these days, and she’s been a great travel guide, interpreter, host and buddy. Here are some photos of the vacation:

Flickr Set of Hungary 2009

I think Flickr is a bit annoying to use unless you have the Piclens Add-on for Firefox installed. So go ahead and get Piclens here.

Anyway, I arrived on August 2nd in Budapest and we spent three days there. We went to the labyrinth they have there, the Budavári Labirintus, which was pretty awesome. For one thing, it was cool down there, despite the 30+ Celsius (86 Fahrenheit?) above ground. Then we went at the time when they switch off most of the lights and you get to explore with only an oil lamp. At some parts it got slightly creepy but it sure was en experience.

Later we went to Kaposvár and we made some excursions to Pécs, Visegrád and to the Balaton. And then I came back, had another free day to unpack and to buy groceries, and the daily grind had me back. *sigh* But hey, the next vacation will be here soon.

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