Vanna’s Axiom and espresso makers

This is what experience taught me:

Vanna’s Axiom: The number of trash bags you carry is direclty proportional to the number of people in the elevator.

I had two bags of trash today, hoping for an empty elevator, and there were two tall men in suits and ties in it when it arrived. Also, since I had a bag over my shoulder to get my hands free for the trash bags, I couldn’t really turn around once I got inside, so that I stood there for 11 floors staring to the floor, while the two men were staring at the display above my head.

However, I did get up 30 minutes earlier than usual because my siblings gave me an espresso maker for my recent birthday and I wanted to try it out again. I made a Latte Macchiato (i.e. espresso and milk) and it was pretty good once I added some sugar. The truly fascinating thing about the espresso maker, however, is how it works:

(This image was taken from

It’s ingenious. The water is in the bottom part of the espresso maker, it starts boiling, the hot water is pushed through the funnel, through the espresso powder (which is between two filters), and pours through a little hole into the upper part of the contraption. Tadaa! I love simple ingenious things.

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