Santogold vs Santigold

I’m sure you have, like me, spent the weekend wondering whether the press reporting on Santigold are all crazy and have no clue what the hell they’re talking about, or whether maybe you are the one who has no clue, since you have spelled her “Santogold” all this time. “Who?” you say. Consider this really cool song with a really weird video:

(Click here if the link is dead.)

For pretty much a whole day at work last week, I listened to the Santogold album “Santogold” over and over, because it’s really good and it helps me work. Then I came across some article or something online, maybe even two, who mentioned Santigold, so I thought to myself, “Hey, you have it wrong!” Then coincidence has it that I was reading an article on a band called The XX in the Sunday paper, and who does the author mention? Santigold. By now I was convinced this was a vast conspiracy of dunces (heh), and so today I decided to set the record straight and what do I find? Santogold, whose real name is Santi White, changed her name to Santigold after being sued by some dude called Santo Gold! At least this is what the Los Angeles Times reported back in February. Which just goes to show you that I’m totally out of the loop.

Since it’s also reported in said article that the lawsuit wants Santogold Santigold to destroy all the CDs that infringe on Santo Gold’s copyright, (and according to a Wikipedia discussion, they already did destroy CDs), maybe this would be a good time to order her album. It might become valuable one day.

And last but not least, here’s a capture I took from the website to show that they sell both “Santigold” by Santogold and “Santogold” by Santigold. :)

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