How to shine like California when you’re feeling like Detroit

A while ago I mentioned that “Good Morning Hope” by Woodface (Gert Bettens band after K’s Choice) was selling for $51.99 at and 54.99 EUR at

A nice commenter let me know that it sells for a lot cheaper at and so recently I decided to spend the 6.99 EUR and get me the CD. That’s a savings of 48 EUR. How is that not a bargain?

The CD took quite a while to arrive – so long, in fact, that I had pretty much forgotten I had ordered it at all. That’s mostly a sign for my bad memory, though.

So this weekend I could finally listen to this album, which was released in 2005 (ergo I’m listening to it four years too late). It starts off nicely with a few melodic rock songs, Something to Break, Living Stone and Are You Ready To Sing.

(Woodface – Something to Break [YouTube])

My favorite song of on the album is number four, though, White Light To You, in which Gert Bettens sings:

“So you learned how to get out here
How to buy to fill a void
And how to shine like California
When your heart feels like Detroit”

This, to me, is the lyrical high point of “Good Morning Hope“, and after this, the album only has a few unsurprising rock songs to offer, plus a few ballads that I personally find too cheesy and trite. Sometimes when Gert sings backup vocals on his own songs, it sounds a little like his sister’s voice is blending in, which makes me miss K’s Choice and has me looking forward to the rumored 2010 reunion. It’s not that Gert’s voice can’t stand on its own – it can and did so on “Shadowman” off of Almost Happy. But somehow, on “Good Morning Hope“, it doesn’t stand out. It’s buried in loud guitars, singing words I don’t care to remember.

Considering this, it’s doubtful if I’ll bother buying his 2007 album Comet (currently twice the price of “Good Morning Hope” – does that mean it’s twice as good?).

In an unrelated note, I also wanted to get me the “Live” CD by K’s Choice from Mediadis, but it’s no longer available. :( If anyone wants to send me their copy, let me know. ;)

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  1. Comet is different from Good Morning Hope. I honestly haven’t listened to it as much as GMH, it has more of a old school rock n’ roll feel to it. [if you want to listen to it before deciding to spend money on it, drop me a line, we can work something out, I’m sure ;) ]

    K’s Choice – Live is almost sold out everywhere (I don’t know why since it’s close to impossible to listen to it due to the stupid copy control system) but I’ll keep an eye on the shelves around here, some copies sometimes magically reappear.

    //mel – the returning nice commenter ;)

  2. Aww, you’re too good to me, mel. :) See, now I linked to your site where it says “a nice commenter”. I’m sure that will increase your traffic by at least… uh… nevermind.;)

    The copy control system issue is really bad, now that I think of it. Maybe that’s why they didn’t make more of the CDs! Either way, it would be nice to have it for my collection. I guess I’ll keep checking eBay and the Amazon marketplace.

    I also finally ordered the “10” CD from Mediadis, by the way (I had the DVD, but not the CD), and I think they should give you a percentage of their profits for making me aware of them. ;)

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