Rock stars have noisy neighbors, too

Forgive me for calling Tegan and Sara rock stars, but they are great musicians, which is why I am stalking following them on Twitter. I believe it’s Tegan’s Twitter account, actually. Here’s what she twittered the other day:

2:03 PM Sep 4th
The people upstairs r having a rave. Swear to god. Its 230am on a Thursday. Its so loud if u were here I’d have to shout for you to hear me.

2:04 PM Sep 4th
Hope the police come and arrest all the people there. And they get evicted. AND that the music playing is never heard on the earth again.

2:05 PM Sep 4th

2:06 PM Sep 4th
you’re right. technically it IS friday. maybe ill go upstairs for a dance or two.

2:31 PM Sep 4th
OMG. they are listening to tiesto and t&s now. hilarious. okay. fine. im not mad anymore. now im just embarrassed. go to bed you crazy kids.

2:32 PM Sep 4th
i feel you in my bones, neighbors.

As someone who lives next to a gas station, with drunks coming in the middle of the night to stock up on booze and yell at each other, I do feel her pain. But it’s still somewhat amusing that the noisy neighbors she was cursing (plus their awful music) ended up playing their song. How can you be mad at someone for playing your song too loudly? Listen, if you haven’t yet: Tiesto (feat. Tegan and Sara) – I Feel It In My Bones.

In related news, Tegan and Sara are going to be touring in Europe this November and I shall get me a ticket and fight my way through the crowd to the front row. Yeah!

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