Linkage: Printers from Hell

[This should be an image of my printer.]
The type of printer I have. I know you were dying to know.
Do you like printers? Really? Why?

Actually, I do have a nice laser printer that I bought for something like 99,- EUR a year ago. It’s a laser printer/scanner/photocopying machine all in one, and I’m rather pleased with it so far. It ate some paper a while ago and I haven’t had to buy a new (and likely rather expensive) new toner for it yet, so that might be part of why I like it so much.

However, before I had a nice fancy laser printer, I had a typical inkjet printer. It was a good one, actually, and I remember the first few pictures that I printed out in color. They looked really good. But then I didn’t print much in color anymore, and the ink dried up. It also started printing out stripes in normal text, and at some point it refused to print at all half of the time. And anyway, I could go on, but why should I if someone else so nicely put what all is wrong with the printers of the world. Click on the image to see the whole text!

[Printers were sent from hell to make us miserable.]
Click the image to see the whole, very accurate text.

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