Dude, where’s my Lunna?

My blog comes up on Google with the strangest searches. I know this, because I can see some of the search words used to find my site. I’m popular with the “chupacabra” crowd and the “sony vegas black video” crowd and the “tegan and sara sheets” crowd. But I found out today, that I can also be found by the “have ikea stopped lunna chair” crowd.

Ah yes, the Lunna chair. You certainly remember my How the Pello…? blog entry in which I talked about the Pello chair I bought from Ikea and at the same time betrayed said Pello by drooling over the even cooler Lunna. (Coincidentally, my Pello is in bits and pieces over this. But I shall reassemble it soon.)

So let me refresh your memory (I can tell you are too lazy to click on the link above). I bought the Pello for exactly 19,- EUR at the Ikea in Frankfurt in July 2008. Pello is sturdy, comfortable, you can take it apart and reassemble it and 19,- EUR really is a bargain.

[The Pello chair]
Pello. Comfortable. 19,95 EUR now.
It is very similar to the Pöang, but the Pöang is 69,- EUR.

The Pöang. Like the Pello, but more expensive.
But then, there is Lunna. [Insert the imaginary angels choir here.] One of the possible textile designs was a black and white floral pattern, it was incredibly comfortable, beautiful and, well, expensive. At 129,- EUR it was 110,- EUR more expensive than the Pello, so the choice was not hard.

[The beautiful Lunna]
Lunna. ‘Nuf said.
So yeah, while I was still thinking about going back to Ikea one day to get me a Lunna, they ended up taking it out of their stock. Why, oh, why? We may never know.

I have scoped out what alternatives there are to the Lunna (a public service, if you will), and this is what Ikea in Germany has to offer. First, we have the Smedsta. It looks very comfortable and sells at 169,00 EUR if you want the version in chrome, or 149,00 EUR if you prefer Epoxy/polyester powder coating. But black and chrome is really the way to go, I’d say. It has a long backrest and the part you sit on goes up slightly where your thighs would be, which I believe is part of what made Lunna so comfortable.

This would be the Smedsta.
Then there’s also the Tirup, which sells at a steep 299,- EUR. It doesn’t even look that comfortable to me and I really don’t know about that color. They either sell it in black/yellow (it looks green to me) or in black/white (which looks grey to me). Also, the way the fabric folds over the chair doesn’t look particularly nice and/or comfortable.

The Tirup. What color is that?
There are others – the Karlstad (349,- EUR), the Skruvsta (99,- EUR) – but they don’t look nearly as pretty or as comfortable as the Lunna. They simply can’t match up to the lovely image of the Lunna that I have created in my head. Please make up your own morale to this story.

Comments, anyone?

3 Replies to “Dude, where’s my Lunna?”

  1. yeah, i totally agree with you!
    i bought a lunna in australia in 2007, it was damaged by movers, and now requires a new swivel base, my dog tore up the foam when i took it apart to wash the red corduroy covers, so i will be re-padding and repairing my lunna in the near future, it is a shame they don’t sell them anymore, i wanted to buy a second one

  2. don’t hate me but i just bought a lunna today at a thrift store for africa for 27 with tax and paying 20 to have it delivered! i’m in love!

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