Garfunkel & Oates… or not

Okay, so here’s the thing. Back when I was contemplating going to Australia for a year, I read that Garfunkel & Oates were coming to Melbourne and I decided I would make my sister go there with me after we’d spent some time in Sydney. So we did that. I forgot all about it but then I remembered when I saw the Comedy Festival booklets, and so I decided to get me a ticket.

Now you probably think it is easy to get a ticket for a comedy event, but it really isn’t. First, a woman told me I could buy a discounted ticket for $8 for their comedy venue. I asked her several times if I could go see Garfunkel & Oates at the HiFi with this, and they said, absolutely. So I bought the ticket. Then I went to ask if I could make a booking on it and they told me, “I’ve never seen a ticket like that before. That’s not for the comedy festival. That’s only for the Comedy Club.” So yeah, no luck.

So then I surfed to their website to find out what day they were performing, but their website is not updated much at all and they didn’t even mention the Comedy Festival or anything. So I wrote to Kate Micucci to ask her when they’d be at the comedy festival and she never replied back to me. Boo.

So then I went to the Town Hall and they sent me to Ticketmaster, and they sold me a ticket for that night, sometime in March, after looking around in their booklet and deciding that they must be part of the Headliner tour. Right. So I was happy about my ticket and the prospect of seeing the two perform, but then I surfed to their website and found a link to their Myspace page (I have a strong dislike for MySpace, but what’s a girl to do?) and so it said they’d be performing in LA on April 2nd or so and at The HiFi in Australia on April 3rd. So I figured, apart from the fact that it’s a mystery how they’D get over here so quick, that there’s little chance they’d be in Australia that night. So I went back to the town hall and told them, “Are you sure they will perform tonight? Their Myspace page tells me….” etc. etc. So the woman went away to inquire and everyone was abuzz about “Garfunkel and who? Garfunkel and Oates.. hmm, well… let’s see…” I half expected her to come dragging both of them out from backstage to prove to me that they would perform, but of course she didn’t… because of course they were not performing. She told me it was cancelled… from the HiFi and moved to the Town Hall. And I could change my ticket to April 6th, though, because they would be performing then. So I finally got my ticket and extended the stay in Melbourne for another week (otherwise we’d have travelled over to Adelaide much sooner) and so I’ve been slightly bored since, waiting for the event.

Last night I had a weird dream about Garfunkel & Oats (and btw, you’d think I’d be a super big fan of theirs considering all the trouble I went to, but I just like them and figured, ‘hey, when else would I get the chance?'”) and so I had that in mind when I surfed the web today and checked out their Twitter account and there it says that they had to cancel the Australian tour because Riki is going to be in a pilot. THis is getting more and more ridiculous, I tell you. My sister says I’m just not meant to see them.

Anyway, as we have the hostel and as their “tweet” suggests that at least Kate Micucci is coming to Australia by herself (at least that’s what I made of it), I will go there on the 6th of April and see for myself. I’d be fine if it were just her, of course, although it’s a bit of a bummer, but really, I’ll just be happy if this event actually takes place. With my luck, it’ll be raining frogs that day and the whole thing will be cancelled because of amphibians or something weird like that.

But hey. At least it’s a good story to tell. Maybe.

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  1. That explains why I can’t find Garfunkel & Oates on the Comedy Festival website any more! Lucky I found this blog post from Google.

    1. Kate Micucci showed up alone, though, and she was really great. So technically, you still get half of Garfunkel & Oates. :)

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