Food #004: Lunch at Café Pause

In Lyoner Straße in Niederrad (in Frankfurt), there’s a little café that I still remember from when it was a Starbucks back when I lived in Niederrad in 2009. As Niederrad is essentially a district where people work, it used to be closed on weekends but I don’t doubt they had a lot of visitors in the mornings, during lunch time, and after work. I went there with my mom on the evening on which I moved away, uncertain if I’d ever return.

We recently went to Café Pause for lunch and I got me one of their paninis and a hot chocolate. I don’t know how they manage it, but regularly when we go there they forget part of the order, this time it was the hot chocolate that arrived only after asking again. Once we went there and someone ordered something like a tropical smoothie and then ended up getting a very different smoothie. When he complained the woman at the counter said, “I know you wanted a tropical smoothie, but we were out so I made you this one.” Ehm, riiight. They simply seem rather overwhelmed when it gets busy.


Another drawback to eating there is the price. A panini  panino with feta and serrano is 3,90 EUR and their hot chocolate is 2,90 EUR. Not exactly what I’d call cheap.


Despite all this the quality of their food is good indeed. Their bread is yummy and their muffins are as well and I certainly won’t complain about their hot chocolate. Mmmh.

All in all, while I don’t recommend Café Pause as the place to eat all the time, it is sometimes a nice place to get away and eat in an atmosphere that is less like a canteen and more like a real café.

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