Food #007: Yan Jing

Thursday night I went to Yan Jing with a few friends here in Frankfurt. The restaurant is near Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and the reason my friends wanted to go there was because the restaurant has a good sushi buffet.

When we got there at 7.30pm, a lot of tables were empty. They gave us a nice table in a corner, I ordered Apfelsaftschorle and then we filled our plates at the buffet.

[picture of sushi]
Just a small selection of the sushi on offer.

The sushi is made directly at the restaurant, so it is very fresh and very tasty. They have all sorts of different types, even one kind that looks fried to me. But that’s not all. They also have more parts to the buffet with rice, chicken, aubergines, fried bananas and so on. You can even get packed ice creams from a freezer as part of the buffet! However, at the time I was told that, I was too stuffed to actually eat any. Also, it almost seems a waste to eat cheap ice cream if you could be eating sushi!

Now you’re most likely wondering how much an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet is. Well, it’s 15,80 EUR, and my Apfelschorle was about 3,60 EUR, so it’s certainly not the cheapest place to eat in Frankfurt. However, for anyone who’s really hungry and enjoys sushi, I’d still recommend the place, as the food is tasty and plenty.

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