Food #008: Urban Kitchen

Here’s a rather brief review of the Urban Kitchen restaurant in Frankfurt. We went there a few weeks ago on a Saturday after Chicago Meatpackers was completely packed. I was sceptical at first since Urban Kitchen sells everything from sushi, to curry, to schnitzel and burgers and from the outside it seemed a bit like Die Kuh die lacht – a restaurant with decent burgers, but I was in the mood to just pick something off the menu and be served rather than have to go up to the counter and answer a million questions about what bread I want and what sauce and whatnot.

I was glad to find that Urban Kitchen does have waiters who serve you, and after studying the menu for a while I decided to go for what I would’ve wanted at Meatpackers: a cheeseburger. We also ordered cocktails and I had my first Cosmopolitan. It was delicious.

The waitress was friendly and not too slow and the food turned out to be very good. I was particularly happy to find that my cheeseburger came with a little bowl of corn, as corn is, as you all know, the best vegetable ever.

Urban Kitchen Burger
A huge hamburger that can only be properly eaten with a fork and knife. Notice the corn.

I don’t know what happened to the bill, but I seem to recall that the prices were moderate and I’ll most likely go back to Urban Kitchen sometime and see if the other things on their menu are as good!


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