Podcast recommendations for your impeccable taste

I previously called this entry “Podcast is podcast and Minecraft is Minecraft” and mentioned how I had been listening to podcasts while playing Minecraft recently. It needs just little enough of my brainpower so I can still listen to the story being told, so I initially thought the two were a good match. But then I decided podcasting while minecrafting was a bad idea, because two hours later you’ll still not really have accomplished anything but another cubic house. Maybe I should try listening to podcasts while cross-stitching or something like that?

At any rate, here’s a list of some podcasts I like:
Criminal – A podcast about crime. I really don’t like their website design and having to navigate through those episode pictures, but they’ve got some good stuff. Like the one about counterfeiting money (The Buck Stops Here) or the one about lie detectors (Pants On Fire).
Snap Judgement – This one has interesting stories, although I’m not such a big fan of the sound effects they use. The “Unforgiven” episode stood out, especially the second part.Death, Sex & Money – I’ve come to really like this and the interview style of the lady behind it, Anna Sale.
This American Life – Certainly a classic, and I guess lots of other podcasts were inspired by this one!
Omega Tau – A podcast about science, with some really interesting episodes, like the one about the Concorde. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but they do cover things exhaustively and have some English and some German episodes.
WTF with Marc Maron – Some very interesting interviews, although you have to get through about 20 minutes of him ranting about his life every time. The one with Melanie Lynskey was great. (Get it while it’s free!) You can listen to his last 40 or so podcasts for free, if you want to listen to the older ones, you need to get a premium account.
NPR’s Planet Money – Short podcasts with very interesting topics, like the one about the blue palettes!
PRI’s The World in Words – This one’s about language, highly recommended.

This list illustrates again why it’s so difficult to find time to listen to them. There are just so many good ones out there! Maybe I should start going running after all?

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