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Abandonware für Nostalgiefreunde

1. September 2017 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: Deutsch, Linkage.

In einem Moment der Ruhelosigkeit habe ich mir überlegt, dass ich gerne ein Videospiel schreiben würde. Schließlich habe ich schon ein paar Kapitel von Automate the Boring Stuff durch und von Python ist es ja nur ein kleiner Schritt zu C#. Allerdings scheiterte mein Enthusiasmus dann erstmal daran, dass ich keine Ideen hatte. Beim Nachdenken • Read More »

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Podcast recommendations for your impeccable taste

17. May 2015 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Linkage.

I previously called this entry “Podcast is podcast and Minecraft is Minecraft” and mentioned how I had been listening to podcasts while playing Minecraft recently. It needs just little enough of my brainpower so I can still listen to the story being told, so I initially thought the two were a good match. But then • Read More »

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Behind the scenes of Gravity

11. January 2014 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Linkage, Movies.

For those who have watched Gravity, I recommend this YouTube video that explains the technology behind making the movie. I thought Gravity was entertaining although it did have a lot of Hollywood clichés. I still would have recommended it for the effects despite a certain crucial scene in the film that defied the laws of • Read More »

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IKEA Hackers

7. July 2013 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Linkage, Rambling.

I found this cool post on IKEA Hackers that I’d like to re-post here for the record. I think it’s quite ingenious what people come up with out of necessity, either because they don’t have a lot of money or because they simply can’t find the furniture they really want. This simple desk requires two • Read More »

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New website is up!

28. April 2013 | By vannade | No Comments | Filed in: English, Linkage.

This is a brief post to celebrate that my new website is finally up. It’s at, just as before, and there’s a brand new blog that comes with it at (easily reachable through the Blog button on my website). Where I previously had two blogs, at and, now both languages happily • Read More »


Linkage: Fun Stuff on the interwebs

13. September 2011 | By vannade | 1 Comment | Filed in: English, Linkage.

If life were a video game, that’s how I’d get to work, too: (Alternative Link) Also interesting, this article on the ridiculousness of in-store HDMI cable prices. Or rather, the links in this article, to this lovely HDMI cable for $2,594.75. Read the reviews. Quote: “When I got this cable, it came wrapped in bacon, • Read More »

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