Oz: Aquarium, Wildlife Park and it’s super hot

I just published a post in my German blog about today with a number of images. So head on over there and look at them.

Yesterday, we went on a boat ride around the harbour, which was really nice, and the commentary that was played during the boat ride basically kept mentioning how expensive all the houses and apartments are that are near the water. I do get that – it is quite a lovely location.

Anyway, today we decided to go to the Sydney Aquarium and we decided to go pay 49.95 AUD for the Double Deal that also lets you see the Wildlife World park.

The aquarium has a platypus, which is pretty awesome. What a funny little animal. They also had all sorts of other animals and underwater tubes to see the fish from. Again, go to my German blog for images. Maybe at some point I will make an album or create a flickr account for all the images, but right now I can’t be bothered…

Wildlife World had a lot of fascinating animals as well, but the koalas and kangaroos were extremely lazy. Here’s a picture of the kangaroos, it looks like a massacre has taken place there. Minus the blood of course.

Kangaroo massacre
Kangaroo massacre

They also had adorable little wombats and wallabies.

After all of that, we went to open a bank account at Westpac, then had an Oreo McFlurry at McDonald’s near King Street. Yum. We sat around in Hyde Park for a bit and returned to the hostel room, in which it was a toasty 34 Celsius. It’s cooled off to 29 now. Time for a shower!

PS: See all images here!

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    1. So far I haven’t eaten anything particularly Australian. I had Cheeseburgers and Laksa (?) and chips & sausage, and I suppose the most unusual food I’ve had was at Pancakes On The Rocks. The dish was called “The Ultimate” and it was basically two crepes with sauce and some cheesecake like filling and ice cream on top. Weee, sugar high! ;) But I think that was about it. Maybe I’ll have shrimp on the barbie sometime. :)

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