Oz: Dinner at The Old Fitzroy Hotel

Today I’d like to write about The Old Fitzroy Hotel. My sister and I are currently staying at the Asylum Hostel in Kings Cross (I’m resisting the urge to add an apostrophe), which is very convenient because not only do you get free breakfast (toast or cereal), but you also get a food voucher that’s valid at the Old Fitzroy Hotel just down the road. As we’ve been here for a few weeks now, we’ve eaten there almost every evening during that time. Their food is yummy!

First of all, you can get a free meal for the voucher, but then it’s a very small meal: sausage and chips, satay rice or a small laksa, which is basically a spicy noodle soup. Like I said, it’s small – but it’s free.

The other option is to upgrade your meal for $6 to anything on the menu, which is pretty cheap, as dinners go. Their cheeseburger is lovely – in fact, I’m having one tonight! Just once in all the time I’ve eaten there the bun was slightly burnt, as they apparently toast it. They also have the Fitzroy Burger, which is with bacon, cheese and egg. I suppose that’s what other places would call a burger “with the lot”? Of course, it’s beyond me why anyone would want an egg on their burger, but to each their own.

The other highlight on their menu (apart from the cheeseburger) is the Gado Gado or the Bean Curd Curry. They are two different dishes, as one is with peanut sauce and the other has a curry sauce. But otherwise it’s the same – rice and lots of vegetables (beans, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, etc. Wait, is tofu a vegetable? Who knows..).

Apparently, the Old Fitzroy is famous for its laksas, and while they are indeed pretty yummy, I’m not that impressed with the thin noodles they put in it. Also, it’s hard to eat and all the spiciness (spicy-ness?) happens at the bottom of the soup. So I hardly ever take that.

They also have rump steak which my sister likes, they have pretty yummy fish&chips, decent calamari rings, their prawn fried rice is also very good and, if you like chicken, there’s chicken schnitzel, chicken sweet&sour and satay chicken, all of which has been approved by my sister.

The only thing the Old Fitzroy could improve is their salad – many dishes come with a small side of salad, you see, but it doesn’t come with dressing. Apart from that, no complaints, just praise!

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